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RoundZ Map v. 1.1.0 (includes the RoundZ Texture Pack): DOWNLOAD (alternate here).

RoundZ Texture Pack v. 1.1.0: DOWNLOAD (alternate here).


RoundZ is free to download and play. However, making maps like these takes a long time and effort to put together. If you would like to help to support RoundZ development, please make a donation using the button below. Donations are securely processed via PayPal. We appreciate your support!


  • Quick Revive Perk Cola – Revives 1 random dead player. Or in single-player, gives 1 minute of health regeneration.
  • Added story text in-game.
  • Fancied up various in-game notifications with format codes.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could lose points by spamming certain wall items at a specific speed.
  • Added a new texture for the new perk cola. Requires updating the texture pack!


Get the RoundZ theme song, Brains, (heard in the trailer above) on iTunes or Amazon.



RoundZ is a new Minecraft custom map made by the Suddenbrain team. Inspired by the new features of Minecraft 1.5 and Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies, you (and up to 3 friends) will face the zombie horde as you never have before. How long will you survive?

RoundZ is 100% vanilla, meaning no mods are required to play the map. The Redstone Update powers the map, allowing for a rich set of features:

  • Supports 1-4 players, SSP, SMP, and LAN.
  • Fully redstone automated. The map resets itself completely after each game.
  • Over 30 unique weapons and items.
  • Restore the Power to open new pathways.
  • Drink Perk Colas to enhance your character.
  • Find the Mystery Box and Teleporter. New items lie within.
  • Fight to the death: infinite rounds of zombies await you!
  • Rounds increase in difficulty the longer you survive.
  • New Minecraft Scoreboard features used as currency to buy wall items and open doors. Compare your scores after the game ends.
  • Hub area for managing game settings.
  • Made with growth in mind. Currently, the map has one level (The Facility). The hub area has slots available for new levels, currently in development.
  • Restore Order to find Chaos. Use Chaos against the zombie horde!
  • Many secrets to be found… can you discover the secret of The Facility?




Check out these amazing RoundZ playthroughs below. If you have a video of you and your friends playing RoundZ that you’d like us to feature, send us a link in the comments below.

BronyPowerr plays RoundZ v.1.1.0:

Jimboslice21 plays RoundZ v.1.1.0 (Series):

Ali3 and Wizzy13 plays RoundZ v.1.1.0 (Romanian, Series):

_Massacre plays RoundZ v.1.1.0:

BluBerry69, ElderMelon01, and TurkeyMelt27 play RoundZ v.1.1.0:

benas99 plays RoundZ v.1.1.0 (German, Series):

hypnocreeper and MCothergames play RoundZ v.1.0.0:


RoundZ Map Download (includes the RoundZ Texture Pack) v. 1.0.0: DOWNLOAD (alternate here).
RoundZ Texture Pack v. 1.0.0 : DOWNLOAD (alternate here).

  • Andy

    Please update this with more levels! My friends and I love playing this and we support you updating this! 😀

  • berg

    Working on it! Stay tuned!

  • Andy

    Awesome! Thanks for the response! I’m so excited! Keep up the great work! (:

  • berg

    Howdy RoundZ fans. Folks have been asking if new levels were coming out for RoundZ. I have a new level in development, but the 1.6 update has changes some fundamental things in how RoundZ works. The new level will come out eventually, bear with me!

    Also, I think I deleted a couple comments on here by mistake while clearing spam… my apologies, thanks for your support!

  • Charlotte

    This is awesome!

  • Payton

    Is this a lost project? just wondering because i enjoy facility and have been anticipating a new map for some time.

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Is this a lost project? just wondering because i enjoy facility and have been anticipating a new map...
This is awesome!
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