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You thought defeating Alduin meant saving humanity from the looming apocalypse? It turns out that may not be the case. Recently some diligent gamers, who to our benefit have just enough free time on their hands, have taken a closer look at the runes that are carved into the lids of the 5 bug carrying jars that can be found in the game. Through some sort of innate knowledge of Elder Scrolls lore these runes have been “translated” to point towards 5 towns in Skyrim and this map was generated:

The locations on the map form a pentagram that itself supposedly indicated a ritual site capable of ending all human existence.To get the full account here is the link to the Reddit thread where the conspiracy began. This could all just be fans letting their fandom get the best of them, but I think there could very possibly be a connection to yet to be released DLC. Early in the storyline the stage is set for the Thalmor to play a big role in the Skyrim, but they never really serve much significance, so it would make sense to release DLC focused on them especially since certain quests finish someone open-endedly suggesting that focusing on the Thalmor is the next step. One of the conspiracies theorize that the Thalmor seek to eliminate humanity by destroying the last of the towers that bind them to their current plane of existence, thus are in Skyrim with the goal of destroying the throat of the world (the 8th tower) or the Weynon stones which are believed to be associated with it.

On the other hand, as much as I could see this fitting in as DLC, I could also see the team at Bethesda inserting something like this just to see how far the players take it. All that said, if you have done any digging into the bug-jar conspiracy, or if you think its a bunch of bologna, sound off in the comments.


  • Ascyllia

    It sounds pretty far fetched. We might be reaching atad on this one, but at the same time, it rather fits together a little too well to be mere hearsay. Several books found throughout Skyrim tell how the Thalmor used epic magics to control the very weather itself, and restore an entire moon. It wouldn’t be that much more of a jump to destroy a mountain. (Throat of the World). I’m torn 50/50, and interested in seeing where it goes either way. On the one hand, it’s pure fiction, and none of this means anything. On the other. We could be looking at a future Elder Scrolls game without Nords, Imperials, Redgaurds, or Breton; and with the Dwemer wiped from existance, and the Dunmer smashed almost beyond recovery by the Oblivion crisis, that doesn’t leave much. :/ We shall see!

  • Ahkrin

    by sithis I know how to read and writ the dragon language can some one email me pics of the bug in jars cork botem

  • Ahkrin

    p.s. my meail is

  • Tyler

    I think it would be a great DLC. But it would make more sense for it to take place in Cyrodiil, because of the Thalmor being a big influence in the Empire’s politics. Bethesda said the DLC would be substantial, so maybe it would have a new storyline with a new map. At least that is what i’m hoping for 🙂

  • Leandro

    I would like to be able to attend the moot of the Jarls, and/or emboce a Jarl since Im already Thane in every hold. Or maybe even emboce High King of Skyrim. I know I should be happy with being the Dragonborn badass but after 100+ hours of playing, Im ready for new stuff.

  • mark

    did anyone think of making the correlation that there is a dude named rune seeking info on his past. he cant find his family and his name comes from strange runes found when he is born. he is part of the theives guild and found in the ragged flagon – cistern. i dont have all the bug jars yet, but when i do i will take them to rune and see if there is an associated mission. it makes sense. strange runes on the inside jar lid…a strange dude named rune with no apparent purpose? hmmm….sounds like bethesda 2 me! in fact maybe everyone is correct and whomever runes parents are can be found at this point on the map. maybe this is the birthplace of rune, or maybe if u find a npc here they may associate a mission to him. it just makes logical sense. no dlc ive purchased from oblivion ever had pre inserted stories into the line to amp up market sales of dlc and i doubt after as many elder scrolls games as there is they would start just now. but maybe this is new to this game. but whatever it is the jars and rune are obviously connected somehow. im interested 2 see what everyone finds out

  • mark hart

    rune….theives guild…ragged flagon cistern…think about it.

  • Skyrimisawsome

    Maybe they are just something to collect

  • Corik

    Does anyone know about the ruined word wall in the stretch of mountains above whiterun… c’ing the pentagram… and if memory serves correct… this location is more towards the center of said pentagram… maybe with the wooden dragon priest mask (untested)… might reveal a unique shout… witch in turn might be able to be translated from the runes in these bug jars in the correct order, from dragon script… as i said, non of this is tested… but once i have all jars in going to find this ruined word wall with the wooden mask and c what might happen… the idea is either have the jars or drop the jars upfront of the word wall… use the wooden mask…c what happens… best case scenario… a new UN herd of word of power by time travel or memory(maybe the scroll of dragon would help like used for dragonrend), with some kind of scene depicting the destruction of said word wall out of fear of the words awesome power… worst case, its just another theory waiting to b debunked and no body will ever know the truth… i have seen this ruined word wall… i am 90% sure of its location… but i will experiment and try to find this thread again to comment my findings…

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Does anyone know about the ruined word wall in the stretch of mountains above whiterun... c'ing the...
Maybe they are just something to collect
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