Podcast 08/28/2013
Berg and Claymore are back and ready to twerk. Behold Episodes 13-15 of Radio Gravy. Be sure to check us out on iTunes and leave a tasty review.
Podcast 07/03/2013
Berg and Claymore talk the NSA, government spying, and deceit against the American populace amongst other HILARIOUS topics.
Podcast 06/30/2013
Berg and Claymore recap E3 2013. Did Microsoft win back the alienated Xbox fanbase? Is the NSA intercepting this podcast? Is XBone a bad person? Is it pronounced Ip Man or Ip Man? Only Berg and Claymore know...(That's a lie.)
Podcast 06/03/2013
Berg attempts yet again to enlighten Claymore to the ways of Dr. Who. The guys discuss console wars, Claymore reads a poem, a Rubik's cube guest hosts. Worst. Episode Ever.
Podcast 05/21/2013
Berg and Claymore talk Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and Occulus Rift. There are boobs and jokes about boobs. Skiggity skeet.
Podcast 05/08/2013
Berg and Claymore go to dark dirty places in this somewhat bizarre installment of Radio Gravy.
Podcast 04/21/2013
Berg and Claymore give their takes on Bioshock Infinite, share news about their custom Minecraft maps, and Berg tells bad jokes.
Podcast 09/25/2012
Berg and Claymore get steamy showing off their stuff in this clip from Radio Gravy Ep 6
Podcast 09/25/2012
Tune in to hear the guys' take on the newly released iPhone 5. Berg struggles to cope with his Breaking Bad fandom, while Claymore finally finds a raccoon recipe he can be proud of.
Podcast 06/21/2012
Berg and Claymore manage to talk E3, Dawnguard, Avengers, and more while simultaneously offending fans of Ellen Page and The Price is Right.
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Does anyone know about the ruined word wall in the stretch of mountains above whiterun... c'ing the...
Maybe they are just something to collect
Is this a lost project? just wondering because i enjoy facility and have been anticipating a new map...
This is awesome!
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