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Rumors have been flying this week regarding a release date announcement for Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC to come to PS3 and PC, but Bethesda VP Pete Hines says not so fast.

Hines tweeted today that the Dawnguard DLC has not been announced for any other platform and that no released any timeline for such news. Dawnguard was released for Xbox 360 on June 26, and as was the case with past Bethesda DLC, gamers have been expecting a 1 month delay before release on other platforms. Hines followed up with a tweet to say that he was not saying that the DLC would never come to other platforms, just that there would be no news today. I suspect that Hines was just screwing with a fan base that is eager to get their hands on the DLC. Reading through some of the replies to Hines’ tweet, it’s apparent that he did, whether intentional or not, manage to cause a collective aneurysm among Skyrim faithful.

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