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12lands Map v. 1.0.0: DOWNLOAD (alternate here).

12lands HARDCORE Map v. 1.0.0: DOWNLOAD (alternate here).


12lands is free to download and play. However, making maps like these takes a long time and effort to put together. If you would like to help to support 12lands development, please make a donation using the button below. Donations are securely processed via PayPal. We appreciate your support!


Developer Gameplay



12lands is a Skyblock-inspired custom Minecraft Map by Berg.  The overworld contains 12 unique islands for you to explore, each with resources critical to your survival.  The islands of 12lands are made of staggered blocks, which makes each dig/mine a critical choice.

12lands is 100% vanilla, meaning no mods are required to play the map.  Features include:

  • Designed for single-player, but is completely compatible with SMP and LAN.
  • Play in either Survival or Adventure mode.  The login area provides the redstone to automatically set this up for you!
  • The map comes in two varieties: normal and hardcore.  Hardcore is harder, get it?  Think of hardcore as a second quest, as not only is it more difficult, but some small details are altered to enhance the experience.
  • The overworld, Nether, and The End have all been custom-made in the 12lands style.
  • How long will you survive in the world of 12lands?  Can you defeat the Ender Dragon?




If you have a video of you and your friends playing 12lands that you’d like us to feature, send us a link in the comments below.

ExabyteProductions plays 12lands v. 1.0.0:


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